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Set in a small town, in the North of England in 2012, Emily and Oliver, a liberal, middle-class couple from London have invited their new neighbours, Alan and Dawn round to introduce themselves and become acquainted. As conversation flows from football to abstract art and politics, the lives of these two couples will never be the same again......

Invincible is a debut feature film from director Emma Croft adapted from Torben Betts hugely successful 2014 stage play. 


Starring Laura Howard, Samantha Seager, Torben Betts and Daniel Copeland.

Going into pre production during the world pandemic 2021, producers Samantha Seager and Emma Croft put everything into bringing this story to life.


Emma and Samantha are thrilled to be joined as Executive Producers by Paul Whitehouse. 


On Torben Betts, "He is just about the most extraordinary writer of drama we have...a boldly visionary poet...a political Beckett. A flamingly original writer we ignore at our peril." 

Liz Lochhead, former National Poet of Scotland


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